Llangasty Village Hall

Terms and Conditions

Please note – No Smoking is allowed in any part of Llangasty Village Hall & Field Study Centre


  • The key will normally be collected from, and returned to, the Booking Secretaries at Berllan Fach, Pennorth.
  • If you are hiring the Field Study Centre, arrangements will be made to:
    • meet you to open the Hall
    • show you around the facilities


On arrival:

  • If using the kitchen facilities, turn on water [stop cock in cupboard under sink]
  • Switch on water heaters as required
    • [1] hot water for sink to the left – this takes approximately 20 minutes to heat up from cold: [2] hot water for hand-washing to the right.
    • If the refrigerator, oven or hob are required, these should be switched on at the wall.

On leaving:

  • Please ensure the water is turned off as well as the water heaters and any electrical appliances that have been used.
  • Please leave the refrigerator door propped open to avoid mould.
  • To maintain Health and Safety standards, please take away all food and food waste in sacks provided.
  • Please leave worktops clean.


Care of Building:

  • Please do not stick/attach anything, such as posters; bunting; balloons; to the walls inside the Hall. Bluetac, cellotape and drawing pins damage the paintwork. A charge will be made for any damage caused in this way.


Cleaning Up:

  • Please leave the Hall as clean and tidy as you find it.
  • Rubbish sacks are normally provided [under the sink in the kitchen] and it will assist if these are used to remove all rubbish from the premises.
  • Please do not leave any sacks containing rubbish in the lane by the Hall.


Lights & Heating:

  • Please turn off all lights [switches inside door on the left] and wall heaters before leaving.
  • If the open fire has been used, please ensure the safety guard is in place.



  • All evening events to conclude by 12 midnight, with the Hall being cleared & locked by 12.30am.
  • In the case of New Year’s Eve, the event to conclude by 1.00am and the Hall cleared & locked by 1.30am.


Fire Risk Restriction:

  • Number at function limited to 90

Payment & Hire Charges:

  • The Booking Secretaries will require a contact name, address and telephone number [in case of emergency].
  • Payment [for hire of Hall] should be made to the Booking Secretaries when collecting the key.
  • Payment [for hire of Field Study Centre] should be made payable to ‘Llangasty Village Hall’ and sent when confirmation of booking is made with the Booking Secretaries.
  • For certain functions, and at the discretion of the Booking Secretaries, a £50 deposit will be required.
  • Booking charges quoted are for 2008 and may be subject to a small increase for 2009.

January 2008